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Do I need to credit the authors of these kits?

The creator of each individual kit is entitled to a royalty/performance split percentage if the beat gets placed with a major artist and/or major label. As for producers uploading beats using the sounds, the credit is not mandatory unless stated in kit description.

How many samples come in a KIT?

Kit volume varies by kit style. Below is an average chart on how many sounds you can expect per kit.

What payment types do you accept?

Dark Light Sounds accepts all major credit cards / debit cards via PayPal and Stripe
VISA, Mastercard, American Express, etc.

Are there refunds?

All purchases are final and no refunds may be issued under any circumstances. By purchasing, you are agreeing to these terms.
The reason we cannot provide refunds is because once a digital good has been sent, it cannot be revoked.VISA, Mastercard, American Express, etc.

Are all my kits I purchase Royalty Free?

MIDI & Loop Kits are Royalty Free for selling beats which contain the MIDI / Loop files. This includes Leases and Exclusives online.
As for placements with major artists and or major labels, all samples/files must be cleared with the owner of said file / Dark Light Sounds before seeking profit. All files put out in kits are 100% owned by the creator and they may set certain restrictions that may be viewed in their product descriptions.

How do I get my purchase after purchasing?

Through our direct delivery system, all customers will be provided with downloads instantly after checking out.
Please check your email inbox for links, as well as Spam folders.

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